I. Objective

Ninja Sprint is an auto-running dash ‘n’ kill game. Your main objective is to safely run through all levels from start to finish. Your performance is measured by how many enemies you have killed as well as how many special items you have collected without running into an obstacle.

You can play Ninja Sprint casually, but Ninja Sprint is most fun if you attempt to master each level with a perfect run. (see Scoring and Perfect Play for details)

II. Controls

For the best results, we recommend to play Ninja Sprint on a mobile touch screen device that you can firmly hold in both hands. Use your left and right thumbs to press any of the three main control areas.

NinjaSprint controls

A. Run

Once a level has started, your main character Neko automatically starts running.

B. Kill

Collide with an enemy and Neko automatically kills any monster with her your fierce claws.

C. Jump

Press the lower right part of the screen to jump over obstacles or road gaps. This also allows you to jump on platforms.

D. Double Jump

While in the air, press the lower right part of the screen again to double jump. You can avoid even bigger obstacles or jump over wider road gaps. Time your double jump well, some enemies or items can only be reached if you double jump exactly at the right time.

E. Slide

Press the lower left part of the screen to slide underneath dangerous traps. Keep the button pressed to slide for a longer time.

F. Special Attack

Whenever you kill an enemy, your special bar gradually fills up. Once you have killed six enemies, you can press the upper left area of the screen to execute a special attack. A special attack kills all enemies and even destroys all obstacles on screen.


NinjaSprint HUD

A. Health
B. Special Bar
C. Pause Button
D. Combo Meter
E. Progress Bar
F. Obstacle Warning

IV. Scoring System

A. General

Your high score is calculated as a combined sum of your best scores recorded in all levels. To boost your high score, unlock and complete new levels or replay older ones. Once you have joined the online leaderboards, your high score is automatically uploaded and shared via Game Center (iOS only) or to our cross platform online leaderboards.

NinjaSprint victory screen

Your performance is shown at the end of each level and measured by the following values.

B. Kills

Kill as many enemies as possible!

NinjaSprint kills

C. Combo

Your combo meter increases whenever you kill an enemy. Your combo breaks if you miss an enemy or get hit by an obstacle.

NinjaSprint combo

D. Coins

There are exactly 20 coins that you can collect in each level. Collect as many coins as possible for a higher score. There’s also a coin combo system in place. Score more points by collecting all coins without a miss.

NinjaSprint coins

E. Stars

Stars are more difficult to collect than coins and are sometimes even hidden. You can find exactly three stars in each level, collect all of them for a higher score.

NinjaSprint stars

V. Perfect Play

A. Rules

All Ninja Sprint levels have been designed to be finished in a perfect play. In order to perfect play a level, and consequently score the highest points possible, you need to aim for the following conditions in a single run:

1. Kill all enemies without a miss and without getting hit. (100% kills and full combo)
2. Collect all 20 coins.
3. Collect all 3 stars.

NinjaSprint perfect play result screen

Check out the following video for a perfect play example.

B. Logging

Check the level select screens for your activity log. Find out in which levels you can still further boost your overall high score. All perfect played levels are marked with a check mark.

NinjaSprint level select screen