Ninja Sprint now available on the App Store

Ninja Sprint for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has finally been approved by Apple and the game is now available on the App Store at just US$ 0.99 (EUR 0.89, GBP 0.69). Our Ninja Sprint Lite demo release is still pending approval but expected to go live in a few days time.

We have also updated the Android release. Release version 1.02, which is now available on Google Play addresses a number of bugs that were reported during the last few days.

Watch out for more updates and gameplay videos in the coming days.

Ninja Sprint Perfect Run Gameplay Video #1

That’s how it’s done. Check out this Ninja Sprint perfect run video, which demonstrates game play of one stage.

Level: 3-15
Blood: Gore
Obstacle warnings: On
Button overlays: Off
Special attacks: Not used
Music: I am Shadow (by Rafael Dyll)

Perfect play means:
- Kill every single enemy in the level. (full combo)
- Avoid all obstacles and traps, do not get hit.
- Collect all 20 coins in the level.
- Collect all 3 stars in the level.

Give it a try. Ninja Sprint will soon be available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.